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Carola EastwoodPlanetary Cycles
for October 2011

Autumn Equinox sets stage for
the remainder of 2011

The Autumn Equinox, which occurred on September 23 as the sun entered Libra, provided a powerful turning point in our evolutionary journey, both personally and globally. The season will be highly active, with many rapid changes occurring in all of our lives. We may also experience unusual insights, inventions and breakthroughs from unexpected sources, which can level the playing field or change the status quo significantly. Additionally, this cycle includes Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, traveling in tandem with the great “taskmaster”, Saturn, which brings the discipline necessary to establish new programs, open new businesses, or form new and mutually beneficial alliances.

Libra promotes balance and harmony

Providing a balance point that maintains equilibrium between day and night, the sun’s entrance into the cardinal, air sign of Libra invites us into Venus’s realm of beauty, art, relationships, romance, money, diplomacy and above all, fairness. People born with the sun, moon, or rising sign in Libra seek harmony and promote loving interactions in every situation. But, if their desire for balance and fairness is violated, they can react with surprising explosiveness that throws everyone off balance as they wonder what happened to Libra’s usually mild and pleasant demeanor. However shocking these occasional outbursts may be, friends and family members find Librans quick to forgive and readily available to restore harmony.

New moon in Libra ignites rapid change

The New Moon in Libra on September 27 initiated powerful energies poised to bring rapid and exponential acceleration of the global awakening movement. Involving the planet of communication, Mercury, in opposition to the planet of revolutionary changes, Uranus, and both facing a tense aspect with Pluto, the bringer of deep transformation, we arrive this month at a turning point in humanity’s evolutionary journey. We simply can no longer do things the way we have in the past and we must adapt to the new frequencies currently being showered upon our planet. Few times in history have held such momentous promise, but none of the necessary changes can happen without each of us raising our awareness and acting with courage and certainty to establish the new order that we desire. The great benefactor, Jupiter, which is now in the stable and grounded earth sign of Taurus, interacts favorably with transformational Pluto in Capricorn, facilitating practical and substantial changes, while energy-driven Mars provides the action.

Full Moon in Aries opens new field of possibilities

On October 11, we have a full moon in Aries that brings to fruition the elements needed for substantial changes to be made in our lives. By now, our vision should be clear so we can see the new path ahead. Favorable energy from Mars supports moving into action with putting the structures in place to support our new direction, and while hard work or long hours may be required, we are more inspired than ever to fulfill our dreams. Creative and artistic inspiration is very high, and attractive opportunities come as new people enter our lives though group associations and activities that support our new creations.

Relationship issues surface for healing

As the light of the full moon begins to wane and we enter the third week of October, the planet of love, Venus, squares off in a difficult aspect with Mars, which can make life feel like all work and no play, or dredge up unresolved issues in our personal relationships. By the end of the third week, the planet of communications, Mercury, joins Venus in Scorpio, exacerbating the existing tension between lovers or partners and increasing the pressure to a point of explosion that may release frustration, but fail to resolve the issue at hand. With conscious determination and open communication, a mutually satisfactory agreement may be reached, and that will not only stabilize the situation, but may also birth new and worthwhile ideas.

The sun in Scorpio brings deep transformation

The sun completes its journey through Libra and enters the sign of personal transformation, Scorpio, on October 23. Taking us deep into the subterranean levels of our psyche, Scorpio unearths any undesirable emotional and psychological patterns that are ready for healing. Fortunately, during the last week of October, Pluto, the planet that facilitates healing, enters a favorable angle to the sun, giving us the impetus and the path for releasing old emotional baggage to free our souls for fresh creations.

New moon energies support healing and renewal

On October 26, we have a new moon in Scorpio that sets the stage for the coming four weeks’ journey into the depths of our soul. While the pressure from the Venus-Mercury-Mars combination continues, a beautiful alignment from mystical Neptune, along with the healing energy of Chiron supports the inner exploration that is meant to birth new levels of wisdom. At the same time, Jupiter in Taurus comes into an exact and very positive alignment with Pluto, pointing the way clearly to a rebirth of inspiration and supporting a new cycle of inner growth.

“Best Days” for October 2011

These dates are given as general suggestions that are particularly useful in planning work, career, or business activities. For more specific personal guidance on your own choices, consult a professional astrologer.

The following days are excellent for beginning and advancing new endeavors, including a new business launch, new relationship, product introductions, or any new project or venture: October 1 and 6. Additionally, October 7, but only until 3pm or after 6:15pm, PDT. The aspects on each of these dates are highly favorable to successful outcomes.

Good days for advancing existing goals and projects are: any of the above, and also, October 2, 5, and 15. October 17 is included in this group, but only until 3pm or after 6:45pm.

Other good days, in which you may have to work creatively with the energies, but will have generally favorable outcomes, in order of priority, are: October 18, 19-22, 24-25, and 28-31.

When possible, plan to start new businesses, do product launches, have important meetings, interviews, or introductions on the above dates, in the order of priority as given, and fulfill more routine tasks on the remaining days.


Sun Signs for October 2011

ARIES: The new moon in your sign, October 11, puts the spotlight on your personal relationships, which you have been aware is an area of your life that needs improvement. Besides improving daily interactions with business partners or co-workers, your willingness to spend time and energy on strengthening your diplomacy and consideration for other’s viewpoints in your communications brings a greater sense of harmony, pleasure and balance to your love life. This month, you continue to work hard, putting a great deal of energy into creating or sustaining a good quality of life for yourself, and at the same time, you give energy to developing your higher principles and spiritual qualities.

TAURUS: Jupiter in your sign continues to bring opportunities for transformation, spiritual exploration, and expansion of your values, while promoting a stable environment in which to live those values. This month, as you work to bring your daily routines and habits into a healthier balance: you may change your diet, begin or improve an exercise routine, or structure your time at work more productively. Partners are particularly helpful and find creative ways to be supportive, while you sincerely work to expand the ways in which you achieve goals.

GEMINI: Your social life expands as you gravitate to new groups of people that expose you to fresh opportunities. You find a new relationship to the creative pulse within, and much satisfaction in current creative projects. Although there may have been some confusion in the midst of rapid changes recently, the rather decisive changes you have made begin to make sense in the new context of your life. Learning to trust your inner voice of wisdom with the spiritual guidance it provides will help you make good choices and better use of all the resources you are given, tangible, and intangible.

CANCER: Too much upheaval or rapid change in your career or business has strained relationships with partners, catalyzing a need for transformation that finds easy expression following the October 11 full moon. Allowing and facilitating healing or essential changes with primary partners will empower you to use those skills within your group associations and endeavors. Artistic talent is highlighted and creative inspiration made readily available this month. Financial flow increases as you create an intelligent and balanced way of using resources, for the benefit of your family, or group.

LEO: The full moon may find you either traveling, studying, or publishing material to be distributed, or, all of the above. Whatever the manifestation, you will be inspired and encouraged along the way. Your career or business life is expanding; stepping into new territory, and you feel empowered by the positive feedback that helps you to know that you are on the right track. This is a highly active and fruitful month for you; enjoy!

VIRGO: This month’s full moon on October 11 brings big changes in your understanding about attraction and use of resources with partners, which frees you to make mutually satisfying agreements. Learning to love and value your life partner in a way that supports positive growth brings greater fulfillment. You find new, creative ways to invest that do not violate your principles, or bring harm to others, and this helps you to relax into a more complete commitment with all your endeavors.

LIBRA: The October 11 full moon highlights your personal relationships, raising your awareness about the beneficial result of your having made positive changes in the way you communicate and reach agreements. Much inner transformation of the basis for your lifestyle choices has left you in a clearer place from which to make wiser decisions. New goals may emerge, inspired by new, or renewed friendships and group associations that bring beneficial opportunities. As you allow positive expansion, your financial status improves.

SCORPIO: With the full moon illuminating your health and daily life routines, you become inspired to create a more balanced schedule, to increase productive activities, and establish new health goals that require more awareness with diet, exercise, and relaxation. Increasing your physical and mental vitality adds a new spark to your enthusiasm with your work or business. Creative energy flows, assisting you to be more productive and effective, and increasing your financial well being at the same time. Spiritual inspiration ignites actions that produce better than expected results, which brings cause for celebration.

SAGITTARIUS: You find yourself surrounded by novel influences and fresh insights as the full moon propels you into new group associations, where you find greater receptivity to your creative and spiritual or philosophical ideals. You may be inspired to teach, or begin a course of deep, spiritual inquiry, but whatever you do, you will feel guided and supported in externalizing your intentions, as well as hearing the voice of wisdom within. Fortunate circumstances present opportunities that allow you to enjoy greater financial flow as well as deeper self-respect.

CAPRICORN: The October 11 full moon highlights your home and family, inspiring positive changes that bring to fruition long-contemplated new creations, and infusing your being with a sense of new life. For some time, you have felt the very basis of your life being shaken, undergoing change that is only now taking shape into a form you can work with tangibly. These changes are birthing a new creation in your career or business; one that will facilitate the fruition of your long-term goals, as well as open new social circles.

AQUARIUS: The October 11 full moon in Aries ignites communications with partners as well as with new friends, compelling you to discovering new goals that reflect your changing philosophy. Your value system and sense of self-worth are up-leveling this month, and that attracts new friends, as well as new opportunities. Empowerment and support comes from unseen or unexpected sources, renewing your faith in what is possible. Working on establishing better communication with loved ones and partners will bring your life into a new sense of harmony and expand your positive outlook and future expectations.

PISCES: Getting your financial affairs in order, so money flows to support your purpose is inspired and facilitated by the October 11 full moon. Once your vision is clear of what you wish to manifest, you are inspired by a new sense of purpose. You may be guided to make good investments, or learn to attract more abundance in other ways, and you will need to make changes to your normal, daily routines, to help you fulfill your intentions. Friends and group associations will be particularly helpful this month, and you will have meaningful spiritual inspiration and support.