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Carola EastwoodPlanetary Cycles
for May 2011

Sun in Taurus brings positive
and productive energy

The sun entered the rich, fertile sign of Taurus on April 20, bringing practical and productive energy for our use in establishing new activities, relationships, or projects. While the sun is in Taurus, we naturally move to “ground” and actualize the new ideas generated in the previous sign, Aries. This is easier for some than for others. If, for instance, you have the sun, moon, rising sign, or a grouping of planets in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, it will be quite natural to work within the practical energy available now.

Internal shifts facilitate personal transformation

In the last week of April, as the sun moved into the early degrees of Taurus, it formed a very favorable aspect with the powerfully transformative planet, Pluto, in Capricorn. This planetary linkage provides us with the impetus and means to make big internal shifts of consciousness that transform the context of our daily lives. Empowered with the drive to change our lives for the better, and the vision to see clearly how to do it, we take bold steps. After a rough start to the spring season when the action-oriented, forward-moving impetus of the Sun in Aries was stymied by a Mercury retrograde, this release of creative energy comes as a welcome relief. We find the time, space, and resources, to move our plans forward.

Positive planetary linkage helps us actualize our goals

Joining in the positive display of energies, mystical Neptune and healing Chiron form a beneficial interaction with the sun-Pluto combination, empowering our activities with energy for successful application. We have the clear vision and spiritual motivation to create better outcomes in everything we do. During the last few days of April and the first four days of May, a powerful grouping of planetary energies brings opportunities for developing our creative vision, spiritual awareness, and intuition.

New moon in Taurus gets us into high gear

A new moon in Taurus on May 2 sets the stage for the coming four weeks of heightened activity. While Pluto empowers our actions and mystical Neptune brings high vision, we have the energy required to breathe new life into projects that may have been delayed during the winter season, and frustrated while Mercury was retrograde (apparent backward motion) last month. A grouping of five planets in action-oriented Aries stokes the fire and really gets us moving in high gear. Grand plans and ambitious new ventures can now be successfully launched.

Despite societal problems, implement new plans

Saturn in Libra continues to temper the energy by holding a standard of fairness, feasibility, and positive application in all that we do. As Saturn nears a tense square aspect with Pluto, it brings out issues that need healing in our culture and in the world’s societies. We will continue to see shake-ups and breakdowns where old structures are no longer serving the people. This should not, however, deter us from implementing our new ideas, offerings, businesses or services to the world, as this is precisely what is needed. In mid-May, Mars, Venus and Mercury all enter Taurus, underscoring both our need and ability to create new forms that change the way we interact with each other and with our planet.

Full moon reveals our progress
with making positive changes

A full moon in Scorpio, opposite the sun in Taurus, illuminates the sky on May 17. While very positive aspects continue to grace our skies, the full moon’s interactions with visionary Neptune suggest we remember to stay in tune with our inner, spiritual guidance in all things. If, in our enthusiasm to move forward, we have forgotten to stay in tune with Spirit, we will now have a gentle reminder so we can course-correct. The Scorpio moon supports any healing or transformation that may be needed as we move into a highly creative time.

The Sun in Gemini reminds us of our playful natures

The sun completes its sojourn through practical Taurus, and enters the curious and playful air sign of Gemini on May 21. While making its transition, the sun also forms a challenging aspect with visionary Neptune, inviting us to let go of outworn ways of moving through life, surrender to the joy and light of our higher power, and live our lives from a place of high inspiration, trusting in the divine dance that is humanity’s privilege to witness. The sun travels through the early part of Gemini for the remainder of the month, adding a lightness of being, curiosity for exploring, increased social interaction, and a creative flair to the very positive grouping of planets that help to make this time so pleasurable and rewarding.

“Best Days” for May 2011

Your “best days” are given as general suggestions that apply to the overall planetary energies. For more specific guidance, consult an astrologer who can look at the interaction of the days’ planetary energies with your own birth chart.

The following days are excellent for beginning new endeavors, including a business launch, new relationship, product introductions, or any new project: May 5, 7, 12, 25, and 30. These dates are highly favorable to successful outcomes for any new venture!

Good days for advancing existing goals and projects are: May 2, 11, 18, 23, 27, 28, and 29. Other fairly positive days for expecting good results with existing projects are: May 4, 8, 17, 22 and 24.

When possible, plan important meetings and introductions, new projects, product launches, or proposals on the above dates, in the order of priority as given, and fulfill more routine tasks on the other days in May.


Sun Signs for May 2011

ARIES: Your financial goals are highlighted following the new moon in Taurus on May 2, raising your awareness about your ability to achieve positive results. Energy is available for you to heal and transform the values that are linked to your career in a way that can bring a financial windfall for you. Some changes in your way of spontaneously expressing yourself may be necessary, to ensure greater peace and harmony in all of your interactions. Appreciating and acknowledging all the positive aspects of your partnerships, and realizing who is contributing most in your life and who is not, will allow you to make any necessary adjustments in who gets your energy and attention. Even though you are extraordinarily busy this month, taking time for inner spiritual renewal will bring more benefits than you may realize.

TAURUS: Your self-image is undergoing a powerful and positive transformation this month, stimulated by the May 2 new moon in your sign. You may be uncovering some hidden issues that have held you back from the free flow of love and creativity of which you are so capable. Allowing yourself to release old patterns, heal old wounds, and forgive yourself and others will bring the inner freedom for which your soul has been longing. You experience a deep desire to awaken many areas of your awareness that have been held back until now, especially your inner spiritual experience, so give yourself a break this month, take some time for yourself, and open up to some amazing new horizons.

GEMINI: Major self-transformation is in the air for you this month, particularly in the area of your professional associations, friends, group activities, and your long-range goals. Following the new moon in Taurus on May 2, your spiritual awareness begins awakening as you follow the pulse of your hearts desires and realize that anything is possible, even miracles. You become more open to a variety of future possibilities of how you see you life unfolding, and adjust your long-term goals accordingly. Balancing your own needs with the opportunities to be enormously and constructively creative in the lives of everyone around you is going to require some extra poise.

CANCER: The new moon brings opportunities for new and beneficial relationships. Participating in group events, workshops, or charitable causes will cycle new people who bring fresh perspectives into your life. While you continue to integrate many changes and foundational restructuring in your work or business life, partners or life-mates put their energy into empowering and assisting you. Spending some time in spiritual study or meditation will assist you to integrate the fast-paced changes that seem to be occurring regularly this month.

LEO: The May 2 new moon gives your work, business, or career a boost of energy for new development this month. At the same time, transformation of your habits and patterns of daily living is required, and when complete, will empower your life’s work. Trying to “talk out” disagreements with others will be a futile pursuit at this time; instead, use any discomfort with others as a mirror to reflect qualities within yourself that need attention. A large grouping of planets in Aries stimulates much spiritual development, underscoring your need to transform habitual patterns and develop a daily practice of contemplation or meditation.

VIRGO: A theme of philosophical exploration and spiritual advancement develops following the new moon on May 2, and you may find yourself traveling to foreign countries, or taking up a new course of study. This will balance the ongoing frustration you have been experiencing with finances, but will not negate the need to have a clearing conversation with partners. Changes in your financial life are necessary, and the pressure to make them is prevalent this month. Your mate or partners in life provide an expanded perspective, bringing spiritual vision and healing energy.

LIBRA: The May 2 new moon brings the likelihood of increased financial responsibilities, and wisdom is necessary in making investments or disbursements of funds. Your partner may not agree with your decisions and this can cause a great deal of tension that must be resolved by standing firmly in your truth, while being lovingly open to the feelings and needs of those whom you hold dear. Family members stand in solid support of your efforts, empowering your life and helping you fulfill your goals, essentially bringing harmony into an otherwise challenging situation.

SCOPRIO: Your love life and creativity are highlighted this month, following the Taurus new moon on May 2. By making necessary changes to your daily health and nutrition habits, you increase your energy flow. Some attention to improving the quality of your most intimate or treasured relationships will result in greater cooperation on mutual projects and goals. Transforming your approach to communications by first integrating, then expressing then voice of love and wisdom within your soul brings empowered partnerships and successful joint ventures.

SAGITTARIUS: The new moon in Taurus on May 2 inspires you to develop new daily habits and health and work routines. You accomplish this, in part, by reviewing and making changes in your long-term goals. New perspectives that powerfully affect your consciousness, bringing higher awareness that transcends traditional mores, birthing a more enlightened view, stimulate a transformation of your values. These internal shifts stimulate new creativity, which in turn, will result in greater monetary flow and inner satisfaction. Deep, spiritual insights become readable available, blessing your life with peace.

CAPRICORN: That you have been working hard to transform your career or business is obvious to all who know you, but what may not be so apparent is the inner work that has been necessary to achieve these changes. Although the increased activity continues, and much dedication is still necessary, you receive the rewards of a job well done following the May 2 new moon. Making specific changes in your home or family life will result in more energy and greater capacity to perform at a high level. Creativity flows easily, and is empowered by the wisdom of your soul; allow yourself to write, or express yourself in some way this month; it will be very rewarding.

AQUARIUS: The new moon in Taurus brings changes and new energy to your home and family life, stimulating a powerful transformation that ultimately brings greater spiritual fulfillment. Your communication style is undergoing a revolution as you witness the effects of offhand or erratic comments and make a choice to be more conscious in how, what, when, and to whom you entertain discussions. Somehow, through inexplicable grace, your financial concerns are eased, and you begin to see the bigger picture; accepting with grace the way your life has been unfolding.

PISCES: While financial realities have catalyzed the need for a complete transformation of your life’s goals, you make the necessary changes with grace, and trust the wisdom guiding your life. Your life-mate or business partners may not agree with your choices, or may bring an added burden for you to carry, but you understand that the scales must be balanced and accept with equanimity what must be done. This level of trust and acceptance empowers you to envision a new life-direction and create goals that are inspired by your heart’s wisdom. New energy for expansion becomes readily available.