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Carola EastwoodPlanetary Cycles
for March 2011

Sun in Pisces beckons us to the inner realms

The sun entered Pisces on February 18, where it will transit until March 20. The last of the 12 signs of the zodiac, Pisces harkens us to the inner realms where we survey our past journey and gain wisdom. Having the stillness and spiritual discipline to learn requires us to let go while it takes us on a journey of inner discovery. Emotionally sensitive, Pisces is mutable, changeable, and fluid.

Pisces inspires us artistically and spiritually

The third of the three water signs, Pisces people are sensitive, artistic and attuned to the mystical realms. People born with the sun, moon, or rising sign in Pisces have the propensity to develop great spiritual wisdom. They have a natural attunement to the arts, to spiritual studies and to discovering the deeper mysteries in life. Once they still their restlessness by channeling it into a creative outlet or spiritual quest, Pisces can become the wisest among us.

The new moon sparks big changes

While the sun transits Pisces, and we are bathed in the energy of the Pisces star-field for about a month, we become open to the subtler realms of consciousness, more attuned to the sublime. We begin the month of March with five planets grouped in Pisces, giving us a concentrated stream of energy beckoning us into higher spiritual awareness. When the moon joins the planetary grouping on March 4, we have a new moon in Pisces, and the energy for the coming 28 days becomes set in a pattern that promotes the cultivation and development of higher consciousness. Creating time for meditation, visualization, walks in nature and, generally, time for being, is the best way to fully benefit from this opportunity for awakening.

This month’s planetary aspects ignite
mass spiritual awakenings

The March 4 new moon in Pisces brings the beginning of a new monthly cycle that is punctuated by some very significant planetary events that spark big changes. The planet of healing and transformation, Pluto, now in Capricorn, faces a tense aspect with fiery Jupiter in Aries, igniting changes in the way we manage life on earth. Old systems fail while new ones spring up to replace them requiring a change in consciousness that has engendered of the biggest mass spiritual awakenings of all time. While vision is high and inspiration abounds, some existing structures and outdated ways of doing things will need to be released, making way for new creation. One of the lessons in Pisces is the art of letting go.

A broad vision brings hope for humanity’s future

The New Year has brought new energy to create new experiences, throwing open a field of possibility that has not been available to humanity for some time now. The planet of action, Mars, stands ready to make a creative contribution to the ongoing planetary transformation. Venus in Aquarius brings a broad vision for humanity, and its favorable aspect to expansive Jupiter ensures that the enjoyment level will be high while creating some very successful outcomes. We find ourselves guided to make the right choices as we allow the voice of our inner being to be heard.

Volatile planetary aspects unleash
creative, action-oriented energy

This winter lays the groundwork for Humanity’s coming big leap into a higher state of awareness. Following more than two years of political and financial contraction, hopes begin to rise again and we become more optimistic about the quality of our future. Additionally, on March 11, the planet of revolutionary change, Uranus, leaves a seven-year-long stay in dreamy Pisces to enter fiery, action-oriented Aries. Expect fireworks.

Full Moon in Virgo suggests healing where needed

On March 19, we have a full moon in Virgo, opposite the sun in Pisces, and both forming a tense aspect that leads to a query about one’s purpose and path. Are you on-path? Are you following your own inner voice of wisdom? Are you being true to yourself? The extent to which you experience struggle and difficulties, or that you seem to flow with relative ease is the measure of your ability to co-create in alignment with your Soul’s wisdom. To give you help in seeing what still needs to be addressed or healed, any issues remaining relative to how you are creating your life will be magnified and exaggerated at the full moon.

Spring Equinox & Sun in Aries promises adventure

The sun completes its transit of Pisces and enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, on March 20, inaugurating the Spring Season. Normally, the spring Equinox would give us a big push into action, but planetary energies will only support activities that are rooted in clear vision and purpose. The planet of communication, Mercury, turns retrograde (apparent backward motion) in Aries on March 30, granting us a three-week-long period of review in which to complete activities and communications from the past. Although vision remains high and enthusiasm is present, take your time to plan thoroughly for the new ventures to be created this Spring Season.

“Best Days” for March 2011

Although every day has the potential energy available for creating positive outcomes, some days are more energetically supportive of new beginnings for business, relationship, or financial success. The following days are especially conducive to beginning or advancing our goals in March: The very best days with the most potential for a positive outcome are March 1-2, 5-7, March 10 and 13.

Not quite as excellent, but other very good days are: March 3-4, March 9 (after 10 am PST), March 12, 14, and 20. Other days that may have challenges but still hold good energy for a positive outcome are March 24-27. When possible, plan important meetings, new projects, introductions, product launches or proposals on the above dates, and fulfill more routine tasks, or, take time off, on the other days.


Sun Signs for March 2011

ARIES: You may be feeling some deep stirrings, and the new moon on March 4 triggers something within that urges you to consider and be clear about the deepest intentions you have for your life. Your attention moves to your career and sense of life purpose, inviting you to transform and heal any partner or relationship issues that are not presently clear between you. As the month progresses, you will feel an inner sense of ease that allows you to implement changes and move toward an ever-closer alignment with your vision.

TAURUS: If you allow yourself pause to examine what you know brings you the greatest fulfillment in your life, you come to appreciate that your long term goals and professional associations begin to appear to you in a whole new light. If you have aspirations toward higher learning or extensive travel, you will begin to realize how important they are to you and see ways to turn your energies toward them. As the month progresses, you receive a lot of support to implement changes in your life, especially as you learn more and more to trust your inner vision.

GEMINI: You career is ready to take off in a new direction if you can trust yourself to follow your inner vision and appreciate the need to realign yourself with some long-term goals that may have become sidelined in recent years. As the month progresses, you will see that what appeared difficult at the outset receives welcome support and the more you allow your clear vision of where you want life to take you, the easier the passage becomes.

CANCER: When you tune into your soul’s intent, you sense an urgency to pay attention to your philosophy of life. It is vital for you to discover if you are really aligned within your chosen career or life purpose, and not simply acting out from the basis of necessity or even survival. Being clear with your life partners is going to assist you in finding your way forward, and mid-month, you will find a greater ease and harmony as you implement changes that are aligned with your clear, intentional vision.

LEO: You have the opportunity to align yourself with your life’s vision if you are open to the transformative potential that is brewing around you this month. Anything that you have put off, particularly in the area of higher learning or distant travels moves into closer reach for you to implement and attain. They say that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, and you will find all the support you need as you make your move to follow and fulfill your vision.

VIRGO: New beginnings arise from becoming clear about your soul’s intent, particularly involving those people closest to you in your life. You sense a drive to transform or heal anything that limits your creativity as you feel a surge of transformational energy moving within you, expanding as you allow the support that comes naturally to you. As the month progresses, you will start to appreciate many different impressions of your world and how the resources you need come easily to you, sometimes from unexpected sources.

LIBRA: If you have been questioning lately whether your daily habits and routines are serving you well, right now you begin to realize that every action in your life can so easily be aligned within your overall vision of where you would like life to take you. It is your responsibility to be clear in your needs, particularly relating to your home, family life and those closest to you. As the month moves on, you will find all the support you need to implement necessary changes to feel refreshed and reinvigorates in living out your life’s most cherished vision.

SCORPIO: There’s a blast of creativity available to you at this time if you are prepared to open up and heal those parts of your life where you are blocked and which you know could be healed, especially through being clear in vocally expressing what truly holds value for you. Some of your daily activities and habits could easily be cleaned up, and you find all the support you need to adjust any careless attitudes; it is just a matter of willingness to readjust some old patterns. Once you take the leap, the outcome for this shift in how you live will be that you find yourself almost effortlessly realigned with your life’s vision.

SAGITTARIUS: The foundations of your life, your family, and home life draw your focus this month and you have the means to reacquaint yourself with your own sense of self-worth and how you see your individual standing in your own life. You have the means to transform your values and attitude toward money, as you feel the push to explore new and creative areas to enhance your income. You always have the potential to look far ahead in your life and at this time you will notice that you are moving closer and closer to your inner vision. Press on!

CAPRICORN: Clear communications always count for a lot in life and right now being alert in how you express yourself will go a long way toward healing any misgivings you have about yourself; how you live your life, and how others see you in the world. Mid-month you will find the means and support to adjust something in your living circumstances to bring greater balance into your life, and this will have a ripple effect of bringing you closer and closer to finding fulfillment in your life goals.

AQUARIUS: Finances are highlighted for you at this time, particularly in terms of the way you recognize your own values and self-worth, as well as how your efforts and talents are engaged to bring you wealth and well-being. You may get the sense that new insights relating to your attitude to money arise in areas you had not previously considered, and if you express to yourself and others what your needs really are, you will find that you open new doorways to abundance. Simple adjustments in your attitudes to money can bring about lasting transformation that aligns you ever closer with your inner vision.

PISCES: There’s nothing quite like having a good, long, clear look in the mirror to find out how much you truly love and appreciate yourself. At this time, you are called to realign yourself with your most desired long-term goals and reexamine the company you keep to see who and what really counts in your life. With some close self-examination, you may be surprised to find how much you really do like yourself, and if you seek to enjoy that sensation on a regular basis, all you have to do is keep aligning your self-appreciation with your inner vision.