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Carola EastwoodPlanetary Cycles
for June 2011

The sun in Gemini sparks
a multiplicity of interests

The sun entered Gemini, the curious sign of the twins, on May 21, taking us into the fullness of the season. Gemini is a mutable, air sign, and is naturally associative by nature; always looking for more information with which to put the puzzle pieces of life together. People with the sun, moon or rising sign in Gemini have an endless curiosity, a great sense of humor and usually a very active social life. For Gemini, the great challenge is in how to focus their energy.

Solar eclipse brings foundational changes

This month, we have two powerful eclipses overshadowing the monthly planetary energies. Whether internal changes of perspective, or external changes in the form of life-expression, eclipses bring significant changes to our lives. One June 1, we have a solar eclipse in Gemini that sets the tone for the coming three to six months. A positive aspect from Saturn to the eclipse point ensures that we will work hard to achieve our goals, but also that we have the practical know-how to accomplish the necessary tasks that contribute to overall success. We will find ourselves developing new skills with communication, and the need for clarity in every interaction will become increasingly apparent.

Lunar Eclipse stimulates
practical actions to support growth

While the sun is still in Gemini, we have an almost total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on June 15. This powerful eclipse sets off a call to action following the realization of the need for a series of practical changes that must be manifested in our lives. On June 4, expansive, truth-seeking Jupiter moved into Taurus, aligning with the powerful planet of transformation, Pluto, now in Capricorn. As we reach the mid-month eclipse point, Jupiter contributes much positive energy for growth, and aligns with planets that bring the expertise, vision, and creative ability to ground necessary changes. On June 21, as we leave Gemini and approach the summer Solstice when the sun enters Cancer, we engage in heightened activity for brining the ideas generated in Gemini into a practical form of expression.

“Best Days” for June 2011

Your “best days” are given as general suggestions that apply to the overall planetary energies. For more specific guidance, consult an astrologer who can look at the interaction of the days’ planetary energies with your own birth chart.

The following days are excellent for beginning new endeavors, including a new business launch, new relationship, product introductions, or any new project or venture: June 4 and 17. These dates are highly favorable to successful outcomes

Good days for advancing existing goals and projects are: June 4, 10, 12, 28, and 29. Other quite positive days for expecting good results with existing projects are: June 16, 23, and 26.

When possible, plan important meetings, new projects, or products on the above dates, in the order of priority as given, and fulfill more routine tasks on the other days in June.


Sun Signs for June 2011

ARIES: As June begins with a solar eclipse, you experience an urge to communicate something vital that is bubbling up in you, but, even though you make your thoughts clear to everyone, it may take time before you see the great effect your ideas have. The lunar eclipse mid-month brings an open doorway through which your spirituality and philosophy of life begins to transform and important realizations change your perspective on life. Support from partners comes easily but make sure you are precise in your agreements and that you are not only relying on verbal arrangements when it comes to important agreements.

TAURUS: A solar eclipse on June 1 activates and illuminates your finances and values in life. It’s a month of reviewing your financial situation, starting when you feel an inner shift that tells you something has to change. New opportunities are on the horizon, if you pay attention. Your confidence grows as you adjust a few habits in your life, and by mid-month, you begin to appreciate that you are being supported to become financially empowered by making simple changes that are aligned with your higher aspirations. As these changes take place in your life, be watchful that you are on top of all your agreements with others, as it is easy to be misunderstood now; written agreements are best.

GEMINI: The June 1 solar eclipse in your sign triggers changes in your outlook and stimulate changes in your business or career direction. There are ways of being yourself, that for one reason or another, have yet to be expressed, and now you feel the call to extend your boundaries to include a wider group of people or more varied experiences. As the month progresses and the lunar eclipse takes place on June 15, you find your inner changes reflected in the quality of your most intimate relationships. You feel sufficiently supported in your creativity, and can see yourself moving into a whole new dimension in your life. If you are making important agreements, make sure you have them in writing and be clear in your communications when it comes to expressing your exuberance.

CANCER: You sense a deep inner calling as the month begins and the solar eclipse in Gemini brings your attention to the more introspective, meditative and spiritual dimensions of life. You find that your domestic or business partners offer empowerment and support as you transform the direction of your life and career. Following the dramatic lunar eclipse mid-month, you find yourself adopting ways to improve your health and the overall quality of your life. Many of your daily habits and routines can now be transformed, bringing greater depth and meaning to your life.

LEO: The June 1 solar eclipse ignites changes in your long-term plans, and you begin to see the future differently. Friendships and group associations bring valuable new resources and ideas that can be easily made practical. Shared resources may be a source of tension as partners are impatient for change. Old habits die hard, but die they will, as there is a transformation taking place in the way your move through life on a daily basis. There are few limits for you at this time, so be alert as you move ahead that any agreements you make with other people are sincere and clear, and, preferably written up as a contract.

VIRGO: As the month opens with a solar eclipse in the career sector of your chart, you find yourself taking a deep look at your current sense of life purpose. With the eclipse, partners are motivated to ignite change, and you feel a stirring to reexamine the course you have prepared for yourself. As we approach the lunar eclipse on June 15, you begin to appreciate the patterns of support that you have around you in your home and family life, and the ways in which you seem to find financial your needs met as you wish. Coming to realize the importance of your domestic life and the contentment a peaceful and orderly home brings may motivate you to share appreciation with your partner or family members.

LIBRA: With the solar eclipse at the first of this month, you begin some rather serious soul-searching or philosophical study. You may also find yourself seeing further in your quest for meaning in life than ever before. So many of the rules of life are changing and what gave you a sense of balance previously might no longer do so. Your primary relationship is evolving quickly and going through so many changes that it may be hard for your family, or the people you live with, to understand. As the mid-month lunar eclipse occurs, you may begin expressing yourself differently since you have aligned with a whole new perspective that is deeply compelling. Be very clear in any agreements you make at this time so there can be no question of misunderstandings later.

SCORPIO: The June 1 solar eclipse highlights shared finances and contractual arrangements. A new approach that bridges the old paradigm of competition and aggression with one of mutual benefit and shared energy and resources is dawning in your awareness this month. Give your partners time to accept and integrate the changes you are embracing. If you have been waiting for your financial situation to rearrange itself, this is the month to take action and follow through with the ideas that spring from the voice of wisdom within you. To avoid possible misunderstandings, be alert and precise in all of your communications. You are always living a life of transformation and this month is no exception, but it is focused on your relationship with the material world, and this material world is changing, dramatically. Big new plans are underway.

SAGITTARIUS: Relationships are on your mind as the month opens with a solar eclipse activating that sector of your chart. Your attention is drawn to those closest to you, and how important they are to you, as you recognize both the support they give you, as well as what exactly makes you important to them. As we experience the mid-month lunar eclipse, you find others are beginning to see you in a way that you might not be accustomed to; that you have more support than you thought possible; and that you have room to expand your finances and creativity in ways you had not previously considered. In your exuberance, be clear in the agreements you make so that, as you move forward, you are not constricted by misunderstandings in how you see to proceed.

CAPRICORN: Any questions you have about your health and well-being are surfacing as the month of June opens and you see that simple regimens and a little self-discipline go a long way toward maintaining your wellness. The body is our vehicle in which we navigate through this mystery called life, and, to the degree that we take care of it, our body takes us through our journey into all the experiences we are here to live out. You have been working hard to transform your life, build a new foundation and establish your business or career. Reward can come from unseen or unexpected sources, nevertheless, it is available to help you continue to expand and grow. Don’t get so carried away in a creative burst that you fail to see the obvious; make sure agreements are clear.

AQUARIUS: The June 1 solar eclipse brings changes with the children or creative projects in your life. A period of deep soul searching has now brought you to greater clarity on your spiritual or religious beliefs. With your creative nature highly activated now, search your values to discover what in life currently has meaning for you, and check to see what life is offering you. Some of your highest aspirations are now within your grasp, and, as you appreciate what you have been directed toward, this helps you value and believe in yourself. Following the mid-month lunar eclipse, you find doorways opening into groups and associations that had previously been unavailable to you. As you forge fresh relationships, be clear in your intentions and communications, and make sure your interactions are reflecting your values.

PISCES: The June 1 solar eclipse stimulates new changes in your home and family life. This month home is where the heart is, whether that be the house where you live, or the changing spaces in which you find yourself. Living from your heart, you are supported to transform your manner of self-expression and go deeper into your ability to connect meaningfully with others. With the mid-month lunar eclipse in your career sector, your sense of life-purpose begins to shift, and you begin to recognize your capability to engage with the world in a whole new way. When making agreements, be sure that you communicate very clearly. You may easily find that your financial situation changes for the better, releasing pressure and freeing you to more fully pursue your path in life.