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Himalayan Yogi Master Yogiraj Siddhanth
to Visit California

I have had the blessings of meeting a true disciple of Maha-Avatar Babaji and he has changed my life in every way possible. He never advertises this possible relationship. He will always humbly deny this as a fact—but the evidence abundantly surrounds him. I am talking about Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath. And of course, the Babaji I am speaking of is the one and same, which Yogananda brought to the world’s stage in his book Autobiography of a Yogi..

Yogiraj Siddhanath was a born Siddha, taking birth in Northern India in descent from the ancient family of Ikshavaku Lord Rama of the Solar Dynasty. Though belonging to a royal family with all the comforts of palace life, Yogiraj went into spontaneous enlightened states from the age of 3. Upon completing his educational responsibilities, he cast away his royal ties to follow his calling as a yogi.

He spent many formative years traveling in the Himalayas where he was blessed and empowered by the spiritual supermen meditating there. In 1974, Yogiraj encountered Mahavatar Babaji in the Himalayan mountains and returned to offer the world a first hand account of the peerless, deathless Yogi in the landmark autobiography, Wings to Freedom: Revelations of Babaji and the Himalayan Yogis (winner of the 2008 Founder’s Award of the American Authors’ Association).

Let me share with you those events that brought me to my first meeting with him.

My daughter kept telling me that her three-year-old son Gianni was not getting any sleep at night. When asked he blamed his friend, and some of his friends that visited him every night. He described them as men with robes and that they talked to him and taught him things.

One day I decided to talk ask him about his friends. He came into my computer room. I asked him to tell me about his new friends. He looked at the computer monitor behind me pointing to the image in the upper part of the screen. “That is my friend!” He had identified the man in the You-Tube video image as his friend. I looked back over my shoulder and saw that he was referring to Gurunath who was a yogi whom I had discovered on U-Tube and had just gotten a copy of his book to read.

I picked up a copy of the book Wings to Freedom by this yogi author and handed it to him. He held it like it was his favorite cuddly teddy bear. He touched the photo image on the book cover and continued to say that this was his friend.

Gianni lovingly looked at each photo in the book. He said that all those yogis came with his friend to visit him each night. Then he focused on the photo of Shri Yukteswar, who was the Master of Swami Paramahamsa Yogananda. He put his little hand on that face and reached out with his other hand and touched my forehead just between the eyes. Then, in all the seriousness that a 3 year old could possibly muster, said, “And this one will really wake you up Papa!”

My daughter and I looked at each other wondering where a three old boy could have come up with all of that. What was going on was beyond our scope of understanding.

A few nights later on, I had a dream/vision in which this yogi master Gurunath came to me. He stood right in front of me and told me with an Indian accent, “Bill, Hurry up and finish your books!”

In that dream, I replied back to him, “Yes, and I understand why.” But when I woke up I really had no idea of why I needed to finish up my books. It worried me as I thought maybe it had something to do with my health. Early that month I had collapsed and had gone to see a neurosurgeon. They discovered that my spinal cord in my neck was damaged but the main concern was the brain itself. The original injury was incurred when I was blown up into the air by a rocket in Vietnam back in 1967. Subsequent years had taken a big toll on the neck, the spinal cord and the brain. I was told that my brain could not take the continued seizures anymore. I was told that any “next one” could become fatal.

I got an email that Gurunath would be coming to California. I got to the lecture early but I was told that I would not be able to meet with Gurunath. Then just before the program started I was told that he wanted to see me. I went to the room where he was. He greeted me so warmly and was so friendly that to me; it felt like God Himself had come down to earth just to give me a warm spiritual hug. Gurunath made me feel so comfortable and welcomed.

I then blurted out that he had been coming to visit my little three-year-old grandson and it had been keeping him awake at nights. He looked at me and humbly nodded his head. Then I told him about my dream and of his telling me to finish my book. I ended it by telling him that even though in the dream I had said I understood why I needed to do that, I in fact, did not understand why. I shrugged my shoulders and looked at him with a puzzled look.

He burst out laughing at my words. Then he said, “It is because you will be helping me to write my book about Babaji and writing other spiritual books.”

He told me to come to his ashram in India as his guest and stay as long as I wished. He told me not worry about paying anything because I was family. It amazed me that within 10 minutes time I was invited to India, asked to help him write his books, and told things I had hungered for all my life.

I never felt any need to tell him anything about all my health problems, nor did I wish to ask him for anything; I was fully filled with what he gave me. We finally ended our talk after about 30 minutes. I returned to my place in the temple, sitting next to my friends on the floor.

Gurunath came into the lecture hall temple and the whole atmosphere of the place changed. It became charged with his energy. He sat on a platform that allowed him to be slightly raised above those in attendance. He was dressed all in white; while his white beard and long flowing white hair radiated in the soft lighting around him. He looked like a Moses or Zeus—he was certainly a living image of an ancient god-like person. If you were a Hollywood casting director, this is the image you would look for to play God Himself! Gurunath had an aura of spiritual magnetism. I was totally focused on his face.

Near the end of his talk, between questions, he stopped and put his right hand on his forehead. Then he said he was sending healing vibrations for the brain. He was looking out in my general direction where I was sitting very stiff and uncomfortable on the floor. He stopped abruptly and then took another question.

When it was over he asked if everyone had seen the aura around him. I was amazed that almost every hand went up. I also had seen a bright white glow around him. Then he asked if anyone had seen anything else.

The guy sitting in directly in front of me raised his hand and said that he saw Gurunath change into someone else. He was then asked who that might be. The man said he saw Gurunath transform into the living image of Shri Yukteswar—the very same yogi that my grandson said would really wake me up! I was floored because that was the same image that I had seen as well. I had thought it was just my over active imagination. Then Gurunath asked if others had seen that same image as well and over 75% of those there raised their hands. A couple of others said that they saw Moses or some other old sage.

The lecture was finally over and I was pleased to have had my time with him and was feeling very much at peace. My head felt like it was buzzing with a small current of electricity. However, I did not feel like I was having any seizure issues. We were getting ready to leave when Gurunath summoned us. He wanted to meet my friends. One friend asked me if I had told the guru about all my serious health issues and my brain problems. I waved her question off and told her, “I do not need to tell the guru. He already knows and has taken care of it.”

I looked over at Gurunath who was sitting there smiling and nodding in the affirmative that what I said was the truth. That was on August 16th 2008 and ever since that day I have not had any brain seizures. I knew that I was somehow changed forever. Life for me would never be the same again.

For over 40 years, Yogiraj has similarly shared freely his enlightened bliss consciousness (Samadhi), healing and transforming millions all over the world with his kundalini energy transmissions, including an “experiential” address to the United Nations in 2008. Living 24 hours in a state of super-conscious bliss, Yogiraj has made his mind subservient to his natural “no-mind” Awareness, and teaches his Kriya Yoga meditation methods to help ordinary people master their own minds while carrying on work and family duties.

Yogiraj’s wife of 35 years, Gurumata Shivangini (Aie or “Mother”) is a powerful yogini in her own right. Demonstrating by example that the householder’s path to enlightenment is most achievable, they built their Siddhanath Forest Ashram, raised two devout children, and know new joys playing with their grandchildren.

The Siddhanath Forest Ashram is located in the gentle valley of Sita Mai, Simhagad region, outside Pune, and houses the largest Mercury Shiva Lingam in existence. Its majesty is a testament to their tireless service to Humanity and beams through the world like a spiritual sun from its home the Earth Peace Temple.

Yogiraj’s Southern California Tour will start on July 30 and July 31st in San Diego and continue on in Los Angeles on August 6, 12, and 13. The programs will include Healing Experiential Satsang Workshops followed next day by Kriya Yoga Empowerment workshops. In the Satsangs, Yogiraj will impart a direct experience of a Still Mind Awareness of Peace and Bliss, and offer transmissions of Healing Kundalini Energy. In San Diego contact 858-877-3219, or in Los Angeles call 866-YOGI-RAJ, Learn more about Yogiraj and see his full 2011 US Tour schedule at and at