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Carola EastwoodPlanetary Cycles
for February 2011

Sun in Aquarius calls for humanity to unite

On January 20, the sun entered Aquarius, and the planetary energies began to pick up speed after a lull for several months. We have entered a time to get very clear in our intentions, align with our highest guidance, and begin to implement the changes we have realized are necessary in our lives. The New Year begins in earnest when the sun enters Aquarius, and we receive new vision for the coming eleven months. The sign of brotherhood-sisterhood, Aquarius asks us to unite our intentions and align our actions for the good of all humanity.

Compelling leaders & speakers often born in Aquarius

Aquarius is a fixed, positive-polarity air sign. As the third of the air signs, it represents communication on a group, or a mass scale. People born with the sun, moon, or rising sign in Aquarius are visionaries with a humanitarian emphasis who can be compelling leaders and speakers. Their fixed nature makes them stubborn, especially when it comes to their ideas; if you have ever tried arguing with an Aquarius, expecting to have them concede your viewpoint, you have most likely come away frustrated! But the same fixity in their nature gives them the grit to stick to their principles.

Visionary Aquarius promotes
humanitarian ideals at the new moon

From January 20 until February 18 while the sun is in Aquarius, each of us, whether we have planets in the sign or not, is being bathed in the Aquarius star-field, and therefore, more inclined toward future-oriented thinking, social consciousness and humanitarian interests. On February 2, we have a new moon in Aquarius that sets the energetic tone for the next four weeks. The early February new moon in Aquarius is joined by reactionary and action-driven Mars, giving us all the impetus and drive to catalyze action. But Mars can be hasty, or even rash, so this energy must be tempered by wisdom. Ideas are flowing, and inspiration may be high, but it is important for each of us to find our center, follow our highest truth and inner spiritual guidance before making important decisions and certainly, before taking action.

Juxtaposition of favorable and tense
aspects promotes much growth

The planet of growth and expansion, Jupiter, now in Aries, fans the flame, providing impetus to expand our presence or business in the world. Restrained to some degree by a stressful aspect from transformational Pluto, Jupiterís impulse for dynamic growth is tempered by the need to consider practical factors before implementing new growth. Nevertheless, expansion is on the horizon for each of us and a favorable aspect between the planet of communication, Mercury, and Jupiter helps us find practical expression for new endeavors. Another dynamic aspect between the planet of relationship, Venus, and the planet of radical changes and higher consciousness, Uranus, plays out at the new moon. This can exacerbate tensions between lovers, or lead to volatile interactions. Fortunately, Venus also receives a very positive aspect from Neptune in Aquarius, which calms the waters and raises our consciousness above petty concerns, assisting us to choose the high road when it comes to co-creation.

Full moon brings new ideas into form

On February 18, we have a full moon in Leo, opposite the sun in Aquarius. The full moon sheds light on the progress we have made over the past two weeks in putting some of our new ideas and inspirations into action. As our vision and motivation is very high around the full moon, we find that we have the energy, impetus, and ability to bring new ideas into form and expression. Once again, take the time to be clear and listen to Spiritís higher guidance in the actions you promote.

As sun enters Pisces, we align with our higher truth

As the sun exits Aquarius later in the day on February 18 and enters the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, we have among the high visionary aspects, a tense aspect between the planet of love, Venus, and the planet of karma that gives us our lifeís lessons, Saturn. This tempers the urge to radical growth, giving us pause to consider the effect of our actions, not only in our own lives, but upon the planet. Once again, life asks us to look deeply within, check our motivations and be very clear and certain that we are making a positive contribution to our world in whatever actions we choose to take. Once your heart and soul is aligned with your higher truth, use the energies of the last week in February, to successfully move your plans and visions into full expression.

“Best Days”

The following days are given as general suggestions that apply to the overall planetary energies. For more specific guidance, consult an astrologer who can look at the interaction of the daysí planetary energies with your own personal chart energetic.

Although every day is the best day when we live in harmony with Spirit, some days are more energetically supportive of new beginnings and business, relationship, or financial success. The following days are especially conducive to beginning or advancing our goals in February:

The very best days are February 28, all day, and the 26, after 10:15 am PST. These two days contain energies that are stellar for the success of any new venture, business launch, new relationship or a new project.

Other truly excellent days for expecting positive results are: February 4-5, February 6, except for a gap between 12:45 and 3pm PST, and February 7-8 and 10, with Feb 9 also quite positive. More excellent days are February 14-15, and 27.

Additional good days to expect positive results include February 1 until 3pm, the morning of February 11, until 11 am, and all day February 23. When possible, plan important meetings, new projects, introductions, product launches or proposals on the above dates, in the order of priority suggested, and fulfill more routine tasks on the other days.


Sun Signs for February 2011

ARIES: The new moon on February 2 brings an enormous push for you to align with and expand your long term goals, which can best be accomplished through either existing social networks, or those you seek to join. The push is so strong that it can cause you to throw caution to the wind, and while you may enjoy the pressure, it is important that you check your motivations. Following your highest truth and spiritual motivation will bring true success. If you need to get a reflection on your impulses, it will be worthwhile touching in with those with whom you have close relationships. Clarity before acting is vital, because whatever you set in motion now will carry you for a long time to come.

TAURUS: The drive to expand in your career or move your sense of life-purpose to a higher level is intense right now as you recognize so many ways in which enterprises or perhaps humanitarian projects can be boosted. While it is important for you to appreciate the urge to act, it is even more important that you become clear about your motivations. Inner contemplation, prayer or meditation is necessary now, to align with your soulís wisdom, which then brings all the support, encouragement and direction you need.

GEMINI: You are may be envisaging potential expansion in your higher learning, foreign travel, or your life-philosophy at this time but before you go changing everything in your life, make sure you are clear about your motivation. Following the wisdom of Spirit will guide you to the right choices and actions. You are being gently guided to improve your daily behavior and routines, including health care and work routines; this will ensure greater long-term success. You are entering into perhaps one of the most creative times of this year, so be alert for those around you who naturally support you because they may well turn out to be one of the major keys to your success this year!

CANCER: This may well be one of the most intense months of the year, as there is the flavor of transformational change in the air around you that brings with it the opportunity to step out of old perhaps restrictive patterns into a new way of being. Be clear that you are not seeking to change things just to avoid personal difficulties that will catch up with you later, and remember how vital it is for you to follow your higher guidance, listening to that still, small voice of Spirit within. Your home and family provides that essential foundation that is the touchstone to your life.

LEO: The new moon on February 2 highlights personal relationships. Being driven to be in love and close partnership is the essence of this month, as you find yourself anticipating with the responsibility to provide a sense of fairness and balance in communication with your loved ones. It may well serve you to step back and review what are the underlying motivations for any changes you are driven to make in your life right now? Be still, meditate, and follow your higher guidance in all of your choices. Whatever you set in motion will be with you for a long time to come so make sure you are starting out from a strong foundation and that your communications are clear to everyone involved.

VIRGO: Following the February 2 new moon, you are inspired to reevaluate your health and how you organize the daily routines of your life. Recognize those areas of your life where you tend to take things for granted in such a way that they deplete your effectiveness, and make improvements where necessary. Instilling a daily practice of meditation will assist you to slow down enough to listen to the gentle guidance of Spirit. There are some financial opportunities coming that may enhance your life, but, to receive the benefit, it is vitally important to tune into the wisdom of your soul and your lifeís vision, and be clear what is truly meaningful in your life.

LIBRA: Early this month, the new moon sparks a creative flow, bringing vision and inspiration to recreate your life based on your innermost truth. You may be inspired to begin a fresh body of work, or to find new ways to parent your children; remember, however, to check with divine source, and ensure your motivation is reflecting your inner spiritual wisdom. When you hold a high, clear, positive intent, life will support your new endeavors by bringing the relationships and resources necessary to ensure success.

SCORPIO: The February 2 new moon sheds new light on your home and family life, and may require some deep soul-searching to question the foundation upon which you stand in life. Much new vision and inspiration is available now; honor the plethora of opportunities by getting very clear in your intent and aligning with your soul-purpose for your next creations. When you are attuned with your heart and soul, miracles appear in total support of your vision, and your creativity flows with grace.

SAGITTARIUS: The new moon on February 2 highlights new friends, connections and communications. You become aware of how the social fabric around you weaves a web of interrelatedness that brings many gifts of knowledge and important insights. Your tendency to stretch yourself too thin comes into full awareness as the universe suggests you slow down, and really consider deeply if what you feel compelled to share is in alignment with your true purpose and Higher self. Once you are aligned with your inner truth, friends and associates give their full support.

CAPRICORN: The February 2 new moon highlights your values, your sense of self-worth and your financial well-being. You sense the potential for enormous growth and, although you naturally desire to expand your resources, the universe asks you to slow down, and look deeply within to clear and purify your motivations so that your actions are moved organically from the center point of your heart and soul. Once you are aligned and clear, professional and monetary resources become available.

AQUARIUS: The February 2 new moon falls in your sign this month, indicating a new beginning. You seek a fresh perspective in which to consider the direction of your lifeís journey. New vision abounds as many possibilities for new creation present themselves, yet, you are cautioned to take your time, and go within for quiet contemplation to make sure you are aligned, heart and soul, with any changes you may consider. Quiet mediation will offer you the inspiration you seek and help you to connect with the deepest truth.

PISCES: This month begins with a new moon in Aquarius that highlights your inner, spiritual journey. Although there is much stirring in your soul that may inspire a new course of action, take time early this month for meditation and inner contemplation. An inward journey reveals any old patterns of limitation that can now be released, healed, and completed. As you feel more and more close to your own enlightenment, trust that you must take each step on your journey with deliberate intent. When you release the past and step out in trust, your new path is revealed.