How To Change
The Dream: Teachings
of the Assemblage Point 
The human body is surrounded by an egg-shaped electromagnetic field that vibrates with varying pressures of light and energy. It extends a considerable distance from the body, but the most intense region can be perceived as a band of energy extending approximately two and a half feet from one's skin.  

This field has been referred to as the human aura or the “luminescent cocoon.” Although it seldom appears to be visible to the untrained naked eye, it is as real as the stellar emanation of visible light, radio waves, or x-rays. 

Each of us live within this individualized field that distinguishes us from each other, from our environment, and from the universe. While the energetic definition of our individual “borders” may well be beyond what we currently realize, at a point we do reach a boundary at the edge of our individualized field. 

The assemblage point is a vital vortex of electrical energy. It is normally found high within this cocoon-shaped field, but its actual position determines our perceptions and reflects the continuum of such states as our happiness or dis-ease. As preposterous as it may first seem, it is thought the assemblage point is involved with the forces of life that flow through us, affecting how we think, how we behave, and how we feel. The assemblage point is perhaps one way, maybe the most primary way, we intimately relate with everything that surrounds us. 

A misalignment of the assemblage point will result in a range of energetic imbalances reflective of our physical/emotional/ mental health, the energy levels of other major vortexes within the energetic body - the chakra system - and the immune responses of the respective glands and organs to which they are associated.

At some point in their lives, everyone will experience either accident, trauma, disease, addiction, depression, deep exhaustion, broken hearts, grief, pain or loss. Each of us will experience such things as an internal change in one form or another, often as a shift in perspective that may be experienced as an inability to return to one's former life. All this is reflected by a deep shift in the position of the assemblage point. It changes our reality and our health as it makes such a shift. Conversely, by re-aligning its position, the effects of adversity may themselves be altered. Through a series of painless and efficient techniques, the assemblage point can be retrained to maintain a centralized position from which one may discover new hope, a return of a sense of balance and wholeness, and often new access to selfhealing. 

For centuries, the practitioners of the shamanic art of re-alignment have, first and foremost, developed an internal view for such matters; this is often termed the “shamanic eye.” Properly cultivated, it allows a conscious view of the position of the assemblage point, from which it can then be shifted to a healthier, more powerful, more energetic position, where one's energies flow more freely, with greater life force and vitality. 

Effects of an Assemblage Point Shift 

The effect of an Assemblage Shift is immediate: while the effect can at first be disorienting, there comes a greater sense of passion and health; enhanced powers of self-healing; a return to states of joy, fulfillment and purpose. 

Many people suffering from serious diseases, including those who have been diagnosed as terminally ill, find new cause for hope. In particular, we have experienced success while working with manifestations of Clinical Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Asthma, Heart disease, Diabetes, Hepatitis C Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cancer, as well as many other situations, including relationship difficulties, addictions, and weight loss. However, those who are already in good health, and focused on personal development, also experience greater ranges of vitality, wholeness as their path is enhanced by the techniques of the assemblage point shift. Even healers, perhaps above all, obtain greater understanding through the application of these same techniques in both their personal and professional work. In fact, assemblage point adjustment is a viable enhancement to western medicine, psychotherapy, and alternative medicine. 

Positions of Reality 

The assemblage point of man is found in a variety of traditions. The Hindus refer to it as “The Hairs of Shiva,” modern homeopathy refers to it as “The Ten Thousand Fold.” Toltecs, descendant from the Mayan and Aztec cultures, as well as some modern researchers, use the term the “assemblage point.”

For centuries, ancient traditions have realized that we live in physical bodies surrounded by a luminescent cocoon of light and energy. With the advent of human energy detection devices, ancient teachings about this part of us are transforming to what we know as “scientific fact.” Today we know the luminescent cocoon as the auric field, the electromagnetic field, the unified field, and the energy body. The assemblage point sits within the energy body. 

Brooke Medicine Eagle, American Native healer and leader writes, “we must understand that our vibratory intent is what determines how the potent energy of the Invisible manifests in our world. In other words, what we hold up in front of that energy as it comes into physical reality is like a mold or a cut-out pattern for the light to come through.” The part of the human field we call the “assemblage point” may be described as the part of us that we “hold up in front of the Invisible” energy that is moving toward and manifesting our earth and everything in it. It is the part of us that determines how life flows through us and also how we relate to life. 

The word “assembled” is suitable, for the assemblage point is involved with how we are assembled as human beings. When we look at our bodies, we see arms on the sides and legs at the bottom, part of how we are assembled. However, most of us realize that we are much more than our bodies; we are resonating patterns of energy. The assemblage point is found in the energy body, a powerful vortex of electromagnetic energy in the auric field. It can sometimes be seen, it can readily be felt, and it can be measured with scientific equipment. 

Within a series of books released from the late 1960's to the 1990's, Carlos Castaneda wrote the lessons of a Yaqui sorcerer he called “don Juan.” Whether or not Castaneda's “don Juan” was fictitious remains debated. In his books, Castaneda described the “assemblage point” of man as a point of light that sits 2 - 2 1/2 feet behind our right shoulder blade, within the auric field. Castaneda wrote that the position of the assemblage point determines our perceptions, how we feel, and our behaviors.

Since the possibly fictional books by Castaneda were published, practitioners and researchers are coming to realize that by whatever name it is called, there is a vital band of energy that runs, when balanced and centrally aligned, through the heart chakra. This band of energy is innate to the heart, the heart space, heart consciousness, and the energetic heart chakra. The assemblage point is multi-aspected, dynamic, riddled with splits, polarities, shadows and rapid complex fluctuations affecting it's relation to the prevailing energy around us. Trying to describe it within singularity is akin to sharing the human body by describing a finger. However, one of its components is not unlike a beam of light illuminating a holographic form. As a band of electrical energy that moves through the human unified field, the position of it determines what we perceive as “reality” and all things we have defined as the “truth” within our reality. This includes practicalities of our everyday life. It includes things like health, dis-ease, vitality, sadness and joy. It includes the quality of our relationships, our struggles, and our ability to align with the universal forces known as bounty and the energetic flow of life.

The positions of the assemblage point are not random. Specific positions result in the manifestation of certain things, to include dis-eases. When we move our eyes in an upward position, we see the sky. When we look down, we see the earth. No one could argue with us and convince us otherwise. We see the sky and the earth. However, some of us are born with malfunctions of the eye and seeing the sky and earth leaves the range of what is available in the area of seeing.

The assemblage point is somewhat like that. It acts as an energetic lens of perception. It's position and focus determines what we perceive and manifest as “real.” Within the unified field of an adult human, the balanced alignment of the assemblage point is through the center of the chest, near the thymus, through the space of the energetic vortex known as the heart chakra.

For those setting out to train themselves as Assemblage Point Healing Practitioners, two primary things become evident. One, it is real. As stated previously, it can sometimes be seen, it can be readily felt, and it can be measured with scientific equipment. Two, the assemblage point is inherent and core to the heart. As we begin to experientially realize the relationship of the assemblage point to the heart, we find ourselves on the frontier of today's scientific basis for energy medicine. And as we reach this gateway, we also begin to unravel ancient traditions and mysteries that have whispered through time. 

The Deep Assemblage Point Shift 

Within a more pragmatic nature, let's look at the dynamics of actually moving the position of the assemblage point from one place in the energy body to another. Two things should be noted before working directly with the assemblage. One, there are different “levels” of moving an assemblage point. Two, shifting the assemblage point of another is a matter of Intent and also a matter of available free energy in the physical and energy body of the practitioner. 

What do we mean by different “levels” of moving the assemblage? For the sake of simplicity, return to the image of a beam of light throwing an image, a perception, on a screen. If we were to take the beam of light shining on, for example, the center of the screen and move it horizontally to shine a few inches to the right of the center of the screen, that would be an example of moving the assemblage point a few inches. That act would not require a great deal of intent nor power from a practitioner working with assemblage point adjustments. In fact, such small movements of the assemblage point require, in many cases, no assistance whatsoever. Such slight moves can and do happen within our energy body throughout each day. Events that effect us - viruses, colds, events in life that cause stress or elation, etc. - all act in ways to move the position of the assemblage point in the energy body. 

Many alternative practitioners are assisting people with such movements of the assemblage point, perhaps without even an awareness of it. When we go for a massage or a chiropractic adjustment, or perhaps to a herbalist or acupuncturist, we often experience pleasant and relaxed states. During these times, it is not at all unusual for the assemblage point to drift into a point of perception that gives us a view of ourselves as deeply relaxed and happy. 

Now return to the analogy of the movie projector and its beam of light. Picture in your mind that the beam of light informing the movie and its images has slipped out of position and is striking upon the floor of the movie theatre. A new movie is being shown on the floor. It is a movie whose images are creating a reality, a perception. Those perceptions are informing the viewer that there are problems occurring in the movie. Those problems may be disease, broken hearts, addiction, or a variety of life's difficulties or challenges. 

The art of an assemblage point practitioner is to pick up that beam of light shining on the movie theatre floor and move the light back to the center of the movie screen where a more pleasant, balanced, and heartorientated movie is displayed. The act of relocating the assemblage point in that way is not just moving the assemblage point. Rather, the practitioner is acting as a conduit of Intent that creates a deep shift of the assemblage point, and within that deep shift, completely displacing and re-aligning the assemblage point of man. At that point, the movie alters and new perceptions are created on the movie screen we call our life. Such a shift, a deep shift at the core of the assemblage point, can create an immediate sense of the entire orientation of one's life. This may include assistance with an enormous variety of life's problems whether those problems are related to health, well-being, emotional pain, addiction, weight issues, allergies, or a variety of other things we may be working on to improve the state of our lives. 

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